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2. Legal Jurisdiction Compliance

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3. Non-Sanctioned Activity

You certify that you have not directly or indirectly received assets from, nor control any blockchain address that is on a sanctions list maintained by major jurisdictions.

4. Legal and Compliant Transactions

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6. Network and Platform Risks

You acknowledge that due to network upgrades or other reasons beyond our control, certain functionalities (e.g., withdrawals or deposits) may be temporarily unavailable.

7. Technical Knowledge Requirement

You possess the necessary technical knowledge to understand and evaluate the risks associated with using a crypto yield aggregator like Tonk.Finance.

8. Compliance with Laws

Your use of Tonk.Finance is in strict adherence to all relevant local, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations, and does not contribute to or facilitate any illegal activities.

9. Acknowledgment of Risks

You understand that the Tonk.Finance platform, including its smart contracts, may contain vulnerabilities or bugs, and you acknowledge the risks associated with digital asset transactions, including but not limited to, loss of funds. You agree to use Tonk.Finance at your own risk.

10. Limitation of Liability

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